Safety Third



Est. Budget: $300,000

Seeking: Co-producer, financing, distribution

In 2006, at a drunken Thanksgiving dinner, Kat Green and Stu Statman purchased a 27 year old firetruck on Ebay to convert into a fire breathing art car for Burning Man. Most of the structural work was done in Chicago – they removed the tank to put in seating, built a flamethrower out of an old fireboat’s water cannon, mounted it to the top, and spent a week driving the truck to Reno. They named him Sparky, and life was good.

Sparky became a fixture at the festival for years, carting around revelers, and transporting the volunteer fire fighters to trainings and large burns. He survived blown out tires, broken windows, cracked engines, and was transformed over the years with stripper poles, additional flame effects, and a full body sparkly purple paint job.
After five years and over $15,000 in repairs and maintenance, the truck was no longer deemed appropriate for the event as anything other than a service vehicle. Safety Third is the story of Kat’s cross-country drive to get Sparky home to the East coast, and her quest to find a new life for her beloved project.

A thirty year old truck with manual steering and air brakes is a challenge to drive. Top speed is about 40mph, it’s loud, and windy, and Kat’s feet just barely reach the pedals. Very few of her friends are qualified to drive the truck on the highway, but many friends, exes, and collaborators on past projects are willing to come along the ride to co-pilot, and retrace sections of the US that they have traveled together before.