Photo by Alex Colby

Written by Reverend Jen Miller



Est Budget: $3m

Seeking Talent, Financing, Distribution

June is a screenplay based upon a novel by acclaimed author Reverend Jen, which details the years she spent working as a professional submissive in a swanky Manhattan S&M dungeon and eventually out of the Chelsea Hotel. Set in the early ’90s, it’s full of sex, existential despair and the adventures of a Lower East Side writer just trying to “get by” by taking it off and taking a spanking (or several hundred of them.) Unflinching, debauched and at times, both tragic and funny, you’ll need a very large box of Kleenex just to get through the first couple scenes.

While 50 Shades of Grey is “all the rage”, June is the real thing. From her first session wherein she is strapped down to a medical table, tortured with hot wax, spanked and spat upon by a 300-pound middle-aged man, June begins to question her dubious life choices. Eventually, she is whisked away from the dungeon by another sub named “Annie” and the two begin prostituting themselves out of the Chelsea Hotel, mainly to a sadistic priest. She eventually leaves the Chelsea and tries to function in the “normal” world only to end up at yet another dungeon that’s the opposite of swanky. Filled with canings, foot worship, humiliation, floggings, role-play, junkies, booze, a psychiatric ward, rock ‘n’ roll and more, June’s exploits are not of the fairy tale variety.

Featuring a cast of characters ranging from her artist friends on the Lower East Side to her millionaire clients on the Upper East Side, it sheds a light, not only on the all too common hypocrisy of the extremely wealthy, but also on the fact that we are often happiest when we have nothing to lose. June’s character is never a victim but a young woman with a writer’s curiosity, no rent money and an ass made for spanking. In the end, with the help of her best friend, she gets published and leaves the sex industry – a happy ending indeed.