Trailer for Thomas Alsop: The Hand of the Island

Adapted from the graphic novel by Chris Miskiewicz and Palle Schmidt, Thomas Alsop: The Hand of the Island is a supernatural noir series that will be published by BOOM in summer of 2014.

Members of the Alsop Family have been charged as “The Hand of the Island” since 1699 when Dutch farmer, Richard Alsop was cursed by a Mespeatches Indian Priest to be the islands new caretaker. Since then the Alsop Family has been entrusted to help Manhattan deal with her supernatural disturbances. Leading up to the current Hand of the Island, Thomas Alsop an outlandish media sensation the likes of David Blaine & David Copperfield, and star of the MTV hit, Thomas Alsop – NYC Occult Detective.

In the first arc, “The 3000” Thomas Alsop investigates a sinister event that occurred at the beginning of Richard Alsop’s career, which is causing a psychic disturbance that is killing the island. This causes Thomas to make a decision to go against his family, magical community, and ruin his career to help free them and balance the island.


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