Erebus Playing With Fire The Tree of Heaven Katy Perry the Unicorn

Playing With Fire

Photo by Adrian Buckmaster

The Tree of Heaven

Photo by Anna Kadysheva

Katy Perry the Unicorn

Photo by Kat Green

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Faster than a speeding bullet. More powerful than a locomotive. Primarily Avid. Final Cut under duress. Others need not apply.



Need something heavy and sharp? Large and fiery? Showers you with glitter? We make art your children shouldn't go near, but desperately want to.


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Spygirl Pictures Launch Party

On Friday, April 19, we had a fantastic launch party for Spygirl Pictures at 3-Legged Dog studios in the Financial District.  The evening kicked off with a reading of The Egg ProGect by Michael Amato, featuring guest star Debbie Harry.  Then, the room was transformed into a casino and supervillain’s lair for the after party, […]

Headed to Sundance

Tomorrow morning I take off for Park City, where I’ll be helping out the Collective: Unconscious crew with the premiere of the film adaptation of Charlie Victor Romeo.  Very excited to be headed out with old friends and a great project!