Sparky’s Wheel of Tesla!

We are incredibly excited to be 2013 Burning Man Honorarium recipients!  We will be working on Wheel 2.0 all summer, creating a new base, adding sequenced LED lighting inside the wheel, and having the wheel also generate electricity that powers a light field around the piece.




An interactive sculpture created for the 2010 Figment Terrace Season Long Sculpture Garden on Governor’s Island by Kat and Jesse Green. In 1893 at the Columbian Exposition in Chicago, Nikola Tesla debuted ‘polyphase electrical power’ or what we now refer to as alternating current. Sparky’s Wheel Of Tesla! is an artistic representation of one of the many generators Tesla used to power the fair. While not an operational generator, Sparky’s Wheel Of Tesla! uses a manually powered rotor, hand cranked by participants, running an abrasive ring over a series of flints. Using an effect commonly found in children’s sparking toys, it generates sparks behind the coils that the participant can see, demonstrating the basic principles of how a generator creates and harnesses electricity.