Sparky the Fire Truck


Sparky is a 1979 American La France Pumper.  We bought him in 2007 off of Ebay, and icked him up in Danville, IL.  The initial work to the truck – seating and the frame on top in the back, the propane corral, and the water canon poufer, were all completed in Chicago by Nat Ward, Kenneth Morrison, and Michelle Faust.  That summer, we all drove him cross country to Reno for his first Burning Man.

In 2008, his engine cracked wide open unceremoniously at the gas station in Empire.   It was replaced the following year.


In 2011, we repainted the truck sparkly purple with green flames, added some lighting, reworked the plumbing for the poufers, and added a reuben’s tube where the old roller bar used to be.

Answers to the usual questions: 12mpg, diesel, air brakes, manual steering.  He’s loud.  And slow.  ~30mph uphill, ~50mph downhill.  He also bites.   Tetanus shots are advised for passengers.