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Kaleidoscape is an art project proposed for Burning Man 2015 that features a series of large kaleidoscopes in a semi-spherical array, mounted on the frame of a geodesic dome, and one massive walk-in kaleidoscope that can be rotated by the viewer. In the quiet, mirror-faceted interior, participants sit beneath the scopes and see a mandala-like image.  It will use a variety of distorted and surreal visual imagery to reflect the shifts in a viewer’s perception of their environment.

The exterior of the KaleidoDome and ContainerScope will be an area that encourages play and experimentation that affects the participants within. The mirror features around the dome will distort the audience’s perspective of the city, creating the opportunity to view it’s color and motion from an altered perspective. The scopes mounted on the dome at arm’s reach will have an assortment of lenses and wheels that alter the image being seen inside. And the display end and skin on the container scope will be an eye-catching representation of the ideas displayed inside.

The interior of both spaces are intended to encourage reflection both literally and figuratively. In the dome, a quiet space where there are many surreal corners to explore, where you are left to interpret the influence of a others on your environment. In the container, a noisy machine that you control from within, turning a crank to alter your environment around you.