The Adventures of Shakespeare & Watson: Detectives of Mystery


Trip City is proud to co-host the launch of The Adventures of Shakespeare & Watson: Detectives of Mystery a new comedic webseries by Chris Miskiewicz & Christopher Piazza.

William Shakespeare and Doctor John Watson may seem like an unlikely pair, but together they’re the premiere detectives of North Brooklyn. That’s the premise behind The Adventures of Shakespeare and Watson: Detectives of Mystery, an original web series airing on 10/1/13.

The Adventures of Shakespeare & Watson Detectives of Mystery pairs William Shakespeare and Doctor John Watson as time traveling detectives. Sherlock Holmes and Watson travel to William Shakespeare’s era to solve “The Riddle of a Thousand Faces,” but Professor Moriarty springs a clever ruse, breaking Sherlock’s “time cane,” causing a “temporal storm” that sends Sherlock and Moriarty to times unknown, and Shakespeare and Watson to the present. Together, the unorthodox partners form a detective agency in Williamsburg Brooklyn and team up to fight crime while trying to figure out a way to get back to their own eras.

Shakespeare & Watson is a collaboration between Nicky Dog Pictures, PanopticonNYC, and Spygirl Pictures, starring David Blatt as a William Shakespeare, Chris Miskiewicz (Bored to Death/White Collar) as Doctor John Watson, Award-winning British graphic novelist Nick Abadzis as Sherlock Holmes, and rock & roll drumming legend Ozzie Martinez as the loveable Cracky. Directed by Christopher Piazza. Written by Chris Miskiewicz & Christopher Piazza. Edited by Kathleen Green.

The first episode airs on 10/1/13 on S&W’s Youtube Channel

Follow Shakespeare & Watson at:

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Twitter –  @shakeswatson

Cracky’s Twitter – @LordCracky

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Cast & Crew – IMDB 


Dr. John Watson & William Shakespeare


William Shakespeare, Lord Cracky, & Dr. John Watson – The Detectives of Mystery

Serving the all of North Brooklyn’s Detective needs since 10/1/13.

Sherlock & Watson

Dr. John Watson & Sherlock Holmes (Pre-Time Accident.)


The lovable Cracky the Crackhead

Future Moriarty

Evil genius, Professor Moriarty

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