Spygirl Pictures Launch Party

On Friday, April 19, we had a fantastic launch party for Spygirl Pictures at 3-Legged Dog studios in the Financial District. ┬áThe evening kicked off with a reading of The Egg ProGect by Michael Amato, featuring guest star Debbie Harry. ┬áThen, the room was transformed into a casino and supervillain’s lair for the after party, which included cipher wheel decoder invitations, secret clues, cage dancers, live video mixing of our current work, aerial performance by Kyla Ernst-Alper, and a burlesque finale from Nasty Canasta.

More photos available on Facebook.


Susan Archer, Michael Amato, Debbie Harry, Gary Ray, in a reading of The Egg ProGect


Kyla Ernst-Alper


Blackjack at the Casino







Todd Remis, Kathleen Green, Susan Archer, and Erin Benedetto


Nasty Canasta


Jewels and Carin

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